About the university

URBACT Summer University (USU) is conceived as a unique learning experience, primarily aimed at strengthening individual skills and capacities to develop participative and integrated action-planning in urban policies. 

learning by Anne Davis, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  Anne Davis 

It is a very special learning and networking experience dedicated to the URBACT partners of all ongoing networks. This 4-day summer school aims to provide a unique opportunity for urban practitioners, policy-makers, decision-makers, to develop their skills and to collaborate with peers across Europe.

The core of the programme of the URBACT Summer University focuses on equipping participants with the key skills needed to deliver successful integrated urban policies, building on a strong participative process, strengthening evidence base, involving unusual suspects and generating creative solutions for effective action plans. And much more!

The programme is built on highly interactive sessions, with lots of working in small groups on hands on exercises. In addition there are a series of stimulating inputs from international experts and practitioners in a wide range of topical areas (through URBACT Talks and Master Classes).


The URBACT Summer University 2013 (USU2013) is taking place in the beautiful Trinity College of Dublin. Dublin’s recent history mirrors that of many parts of Europe since the early 2000s. After high levels of growth and development, the city has been faced with severe challenges since the crisis. Characteristics of this have been the collapse of the housing bubble, consequent decline in key industry sectors including construction, and a drastic shrinking of the public sector as part of the austerity package. Dublin’s story has lessons for all of Europe’s cities. Participants will be able to learn about these through a series of optional field trips organised on 31 August to some of the most interesting urban projects in the city.

USU and National Training Seminars

The Summer University is part of the support scheme provided by URBACT to its beneficiaries, aiming to ensure quality action plans and to strengthen the impact of the programme by embedding the learning into a large community of urban practitioners. The USU is being designed so as to be complementary to the ongoing National Training Scheme.

The USU is a transnational event, where the working language will be English.

We have assembled a talented delivery team from within the URBACT community, who will take you through this learning journey, until the farewell party on Friday 30 August! So... looking forward to welcoming you all in Dublin!