URBACT Labs and ULSG@work

Labs and ULSG@work sessions are the foundation of the URBACT Summer University. Participants will sign up for one of the eight policy challenges proposed, depending on their professional background and needs, as well as on the issue addressed in the Local Action Plan they are working on as partner of an URBACT network.

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Eight Policy Areas:

8 groups will be led by a Lab manager through a programme of 5 Lab sessions over the 3 days.

Lab Sessions

Lab sessions will provide an opportunity to reflect on the project development cycle and the tools that can be applied at different stages for sustainable urban policies and smart city management. The labs will give us space to consider and discuss the merits of different tools and a chance to hear about the approaches different URBACT cities have taken to tackle similar issues. Following each Lab session, participants will be split into smaller groups in order to use the techniques and tools introduced in the labs.

ULSG@work Sessions

ULSG@work sessions will gather participants into small groups of 12-14 people drawn from different cities, for a series of hands-on exercises. These virtual ULSGs will be commissioned to work on a fictional city case, answering to a policy challenge outlined by one of the city’s Deputy Mayor.

The ULSG@work sessions will provide a space for participants to work together on their challenge. This will require them to reflect on the problem they will tackle, to consider the right stakeholder mix, to identify activities and to anticipate results. The overall output will be a mini-Local Action Plan to address the Deputy-Mayor’s challenge. This exercise is designed to reflect the ULSG journey that takes place in each URBACT city and provide local stakeholders with enhanced capacities to develop their action plan back home.

There will be four ULSG sessions over the three days. At each, participants will produce a specific output and the final session will be devoted to preparing a ‘pitch’ for the Dragon’s Den session, which takes place in the final lab.

The Dragon’s Den

The final lab session will be dedicated to the “Dragon’s Den”. Here, each ULSG will have the opportunity to ‘pitch’ (present/ sell) their project idea to a panel of judges (The Dragons). Each virtual ULSG will have flexibility as to how they pitch their projects, but the Dragons will assess them based on a set of criteria which will be shared in advance. ULSGs will also have to provide the outputs from their earlier working sessions as part of their overall portfolio. An award session will celebrate the “winners” of each lab group during the closing plenary on Friday afternoon and of course… during the farewell party!


Download: City Case for the URBACT Summer University

Download: Outlines for Labs and ULSG at work