Human capital

 Using people and skills as drivers of economic recovery, growth and resilience

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Lab Manager: Alison Partridge

Across Europe almost one in ten of the active population is unemployed and in some regions half of young people are without a job. At the same time employers continue to report recruitment difficulties and a shortage of talent in the labour market. To address this mismatch cities need to invest in skills, better anticipate skills needs and improve the links between skills, education and the world of work. This is the topic of the Human Capital lab at the URBACT Summer University. Key questions are: What can cities do to better:

  • Prepare their citizens for the jobs of today and tomorrow?
  • Understand the future skills needs? integrate economic development and employment / labour market policies and practice?
  • Engage key stakeholders - including employers - in the skills debate?
  • Harness and retain talent to help the economy grow?