Open Innovation for sustainable cities

Improving the creation and flow of knowledge and ideas between universities, businesses, citizens and local authorities to create innovation for sustainability

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Lab Manager: Sally Kneeshaw

Knowledge and innovation are concentrated in and around cities, and can be drivers of both economic resilience and sustainability. There is much evidence that successful cities are those that have learnt how to benefit from this urban proximity and connectivity to help networks to form, to increase the flow of innovative ideas for economic development, and to engage citizens in co-creating solutions and services that meet urban challenges. But how can cities develop a culture of innovation and become living labs, encouraging all stakeholders to feed in ideas and co-create an attractive, sustainable city?

The Open Innovation for Sustainability lab at the URBACT Summer University will explore tools and methods to create and share knowledge between institutions, markets, firms, networks and citizens and put the sustainability agenda at the heart of these networks. Key question are:

  • How can cities set up and lead knowledge networks that connect key stakeholders to drive economic development?
  • What are the best tools to harness the experience, knowledge and ideas of citizens and promote innovations in local services design and delivery?
  • How can municipalities ensure that they are reaping the full advantages of being a university city?
  • What are the best ways to develop open innovation to address the challenges of sustainability?