Promoting entrepreneurship

How can we more effectively promote entrepreneurship in cities, to increase employment and economic dynamics? 

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Lab Manager: Willem Van Winden

Many European cities are facing high and rising unemployment rates, and a stalling urban economy. The promotion of new business creation is generally seen as one of the answers. But how to do it? How to remove barriers that prevent people from different backgrounds to start up a company? Our lab will focus on these issues at the URBACT Summer University. Key questions include:

  • How can people who are currently unemployed or out of work be encouraged and empowered to start their own business?
  • What barriers exist that prevent people from starting up a business (Finance? Skills? Self-confidence? Networks? Bureaucracy?), and what can the city government do to remove them?
  • How can we encourage informal/marginal businesses to enter the formal economy and become more professional?
  • How can the city effectively work with schools and universities to promote an entrepreneurial attitude among young people?
  • Which non-conventional measures could be applied to promote entrepreneurship