Explore a new exciting city

The unique location of the URBACT Summer University, taking place in the Trinity College of Dublin, certainly is a very good reason to participate.

Ranked among the 30 top cities in the world; Dublin is a vibrant and dynamic city. Rich in historical sites and artistic landmark, it is also evolving and establishing itself a contemporary, international location. Cultural, economic and administrative centre of Ireland; the city is extremely lively.

Dublin - Temple Bar by hippydream [is busy], on Flickr
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Many international companies are setting headquarters in Dublin, contributing to the modernization of the city and the high presence of young people gives a dynamic atmosphere to Dublin. The population is very young and the presence of an international institution as the Trinity College attracts brilliant young students every year.

Ha’penny Bridge panorama, Dublin by acb, on Flickr
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A rich and various cultural offer; visits to iconic locations and landmarks, cutting edge museums and gallery, trendy shopping areas, sports and outdoor activities: Dublin is definitely a city to discover. Having such a stimulating scenario for the URBACT Summer University activities will guarantee a memorable experience.

Dublin by Paul Watson, on Flickr
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