Draw your ideal city! This is the theme of the URBACT Children Drawing Contest taking place within the framework of next European Cooperation Day.

Children age 6 to 12 from all URBACT partner cities have been asked to participate and express their vision of an ideal city. The drawings received will be exhibited during the URBACT Summer University and participants will be invited to vote for their favourite!


Children Drawing Contest

The second edition of the European Cooperation Day will take place on 21 September 2013 and surrounding days. This campaign organised by INTERACT highlights the role of cooperation across borders in the European Union and aim to engage the general population in territorial cooperation.

Within the framework of this event, URBACT is organising a European transnational drawing contest with children from URBACT partner cities. All drawings submitted to the competition reflect the theme "My Ideal City": what would look like the city you wish to live in? The contest was opened to children aged 6 to 12 residents of a city partner in an URBACT Project. The contest started on 15 May 2013 and will end with the announcement of winner on 20 September 2013.


Drawing contest from URBACT

About the Exhibition

Children Drawings submitted will be exhibited during the duration of the URBACT Summer University in Dublin Trinity College in a dedicated exhibition. Participants will have the chance to discover Giulia’s from Cesena (Italy) amazing drawing of her ‘Città ideale’, Madars’ from Jurmala (Latvia) surprising vision of an ideal city as well as many other wonderful piece of art!

Summer University Participants will be invited to vote for their favourite drawing.

Drawings will also be promoted on URBACT website and URBACT website visitors will vote for their favourite drawing from 1- 21 September 2013.

Competition winner will be announced on URBACT website on 20 September 2013, the day before the European Cooperation Day.

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