Eddy Adams_fin

Eddy Adams

Lab Manager

Lab "21st Century Public Services"

As a Celt, I always feel at home in Dublin and I’m sure you’ll also be made to feel welcome in one of Europe’s friendliest cities. It’s appropriate that we’re gathering here for the summer university because Ireland’s recent story is one of the most dramatic in the EU. So, there is perhaps no better place to come together to take stock of the situation our cities find themselves in – and to learn from shared experience about how we move forward.

We have three action-packed days planned for you, with an exciting programme that we think is stimulating, creative and inspiring.

So I look forward to seeing you there!

Eddy Adams, URBACT TPM and Lab Manager


Robert Arnkil

Lab Manager

Lab "Attractive City for Young People To Live and Work"

Robert Arnkil, Licentiate of Psychology, has 30 years of experience in evaluation of labour markets, public employment services (PES) and municipalities both in a domestic Finnish and a European context. He is self-employed in his own company Arnkil Dialogues, http://www.arnkildialogues.com/. Arnkil is member of the European Employment Policy Observatory (EEPO) expert network as the Finnish expert.

Bela Kezy fin

Béla Kezy

Lab Manager

Lab "Shared Public Spaces"

Hey, You! Yes, I am looking at You, behind the monitor!

I am thrilled that in less than two months we will meet in Dublin and work together on the lab theme of “shared public spaces”! While cities across Europe increasingly recognize that good public spaces are what really make a city, many of them struggle with increasing enjoyment, ownership of and involvement in public space. The real issue, however, is not how you make good public spaces for the people; it’s how you develop your public spaces together with the people – involving them already in creating public spaces. I invite you to enter the era of “open-source public space” together – and help our lab-city, Allium in its place-making efforts!

See you at the end of August in Dublin! You don’t want to miss this!


Catalin Berescu

Speaker, Master Class

Roma Ghettos in European Cities: Who Made Them?

Catalin Berescu is a Bucharest based architect working in the field of poverty housing areas (ghettos, minimal housing, improper living conditions). He coordinated several research and planning projects in poverty neighborhoods, published a book and various articles on Roma housing issues and was the coordinator of the team that realized a ministerial methodology for improving housing conditions in areas affected by exclusion in Romania.

His current work is focused on the spatialization and racialization of poverty in five Romanian cities and is done with the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj.


Linda Cheung

Speaker, Master Class

How Cities Can Make the Most of Social Media



Delighted to be invited to join you in Dublin, and very much looking forward to meeting IRL! (for those who haven’t seen this via Twitter’s 140 character restriction, that’s “in real life”)

If you’re hesitant or cynical about social media, please know that when I was about to leave the corporate world for start-up I had a dozen connections in LinkedIn and had never used Facebook or Twitter. Who would have thought – from Facebook novice, to social media CEO?

I love URBACT slogan “Connecting cities, Building successes” and the focus on collaboration and community. Social media is all about joining the dots, to find and engage with contacts and conversations of relevance. There’s great congruence between what URBACT does and what social media can do. I’m looking forward to exploring how to make more of the opportunity with you.

For those who already use Twitter, I’m @LindaCheungUK and the Summer University hashtag is #URBACT2013 – tweet soon?!