Willem van Winden


Willem van Winden is founder of UrbanIQ, which helps cities and regions developing their knowledge society, through research, consultancy services and training. Also, UrbanIQ promotes "peer-learning" between urban managers, by organising international city networks around specific themes. Willem is also a professor of Urban Management at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He was Lead Expert in the REDIS project (Urbact II), focusing on the development of science and knowledge hotspots in cities.

Currently he is engaged as Lead Expert in the EUniverCities project, about next generation city-university collaborations. Also, UrbanIQ is the organiser of the Urbact pilot training for 30 elected officials (three seminars in Brussels). He is involved in numerous international studies and exchange projects, mainly in the field of innovation strategies, clusters, and knowledge-based urban development. He works as advisor for several cities, and frequently delivers keynote lectures and presentations at international conferences.

Willem’s main thematic interests and experience are in knowledge-based economic development & management in cities, entrepreneurship, smart cities, and innovation. He has published widely on these topics, in books and international journals. Willem has a PhD from Erasmus School of Economics, and set up UrbanIQ in 2008.  



I'm looking forward to meeting you in Dublin, in August. Dublin is a great place, dynamic, and entrepreneurial: a hotspot of innovation in Europe, despite the still difficult economic situation.

Dublin’s entrepreneurial vibe can inspire us all, and I hope it will, during our lab on promoting entrepreneurship in European cities. I believe that entrepreneurship is key to create the jobs that are so badly needed, to compete globally, and ultimately, to improve quality of life of our citizens.

I invite you to take part in the lab on entrepreneurship. You will learn about tools and state-of-the–art approaches, share experiences, and you are invited to elaborate, together with colleagues fro other countries, an innovative action plan that delivers results. And besides the hard work, we are going to have lots of fun!