Béla Kezy


Béla was graduated in 1992 at the Faculty of International Relations of the Budapest University of Economics as economist (MsC). As a founder and senior consultant of MEGAKOM development Consultants and ICG Ex Ante Consulting Ltd. in Hungary Béla has been supporting numerous regions and towns in designing their development strategies and implementing specific development projects for nearly 15 years. His specialities include sustainable urban development, modern public management and the EU’s Cohesion Policy.

He loves to work with cities to make them better places to live. He firmly believes that the future of cities depends on building on the power of the community, the wide-spread use of climate-friendly practices, proper use of public places, as well as using creativity and innovative approaches to address urban challenges.

When not working with cities, Béla spends his free time with studying and developing presentation techniques, and obsessively follows mobile technology news. He is also a kettlebell and TRX enthusiast. He lives in Nyíregyháza with his wife, son, and dog.


Hey, You! Yes, I am looking at You, behind the monitor!

I am thrilled that in less than two months we will meet in Dublin and work together on the lab theme of “shared public spaces”! While cities across Europe increasingly recognize that good public spaces are what really make a city, many of them struggle with increasing enjoyment, ownership of and involvement in public space. The real issue, however, is not how you make good public spaces for the people; it’s how you develop your public spaces together with the people – involving them already in creating public spaces. I invite you to enter the era of “open-source public space” together – and help our lab-city, Allium in its place-making efforts!

See you at the end of August in Dublin! You don’t want to miss this!