Linda Cheung


Linda Cheung is CEO and co-founder of social CRM CubeSocial and web app HonestyBoxx. A former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Linda’s experience of highly regulated markets and initial cynicism of social media, provides a unique perspective for tangible results, which avoids the hype often associated with social media. A recognised thought leader on the topics of social media for business and digital innovation, Linda’s highly acclaimed presentations frequently see her called back for repeat deliveries.

Linda champions entrepreneurship as a contributor to: the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; regional initiatives such as Enterprising Barnsley and Basingstoke Business Leaders Forum; and international initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week.

CubeSocial has been recognised as: ‘Top 20 idea’ by The Guardian; ‘Top 20 start-up’ of 2011 in entrepreneur magazine Startups; winner in the Local Business Accelerators Awards; finalist in the Cloud Computing World Series Awards 2012; and selected by Lord Young and Sir Terry Leahy to join the Accelerate 250 list in 2013.



Delighted to be invited to join you in Dublin, and very much looking forward to meeting IRL – for those who haven’t seen this via Twitter’s 140 character restriction, that’s “in real life”

If you’re hesitant or cynical about social media, please know that when I was about to leave the corporate world for start-up I had a dozen connections in LinkedIn and had never used Facebook or Twitter. Who would have thought – from Facebook novice, to social media CEO?

I love URBACT slogan “Connecting cities, Building successes” and the focus on collaboration and community. Social media is all about joining the dots, to find and engage with contacts and conversations of relevance. There’s great congruence between what URBACT does and what social media can do. I’m looking forward to exploring how to make more of the opportunity with you.

For those who already use Twitter, I’m @LindaCheungUK and the Summer University hashtag is #URBACT2013 – tweet soon?!