Jean-Loup Drubigny


Jean-Loup Drubigny

Speaker, URBACT Talks

Inspirational Story from Around Europe


French nationality, born in 1945, has been working as a high civil servant in the French national administration. He first served in the ministry in charge of Employment, acting as expert for the European Commission-DG V on “temporary missions”. He has been representing the Government in different regions across France.

Jean-Loup Drubigny has been actively involved in the team that created the national policy for deprived neighbourhoods in France and was appointed to lead the national administration in charge of this policy. He acted three years as the director general of the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

He has been leading a five-year French-Portuguese programme financed by the European Commission and promoting the respect of Human Rights in the national police forces in Brazil. He has been Secretary General of the French National Council for Cities.

In 2002, Mr Drubigny was appointed as expert to create the URBACT programme, which he led from its inception in 2003 until 2012. He is now an independent expert, living in Paris.