Marco Ranieri


Marco Ranieri, 32 years old, studied development policies and project management in Italy and Portugal.

He had different experiences with NGOs in Brasil, Senegal and West Bank. Since 2008 he works as public servant in the Youth Policy Department of the Apulia Region, within a regional programme called Bollenti Spiriti (Fiery Souls).

His work focuses mainly on youth participation and active citizenship, youth creativity and entrepreneurship and social reuse of public buildings. He also took part in the organization of the World Youth Meeting for a Sustainable Future, held in Bari (Italy) in 2010. He continues to work in international cooperation, coordinating social projects in West Bank and Gaza.


I'm very happy to take part in this summer university and to present what we are exploring in Apulia (south of Italy), designing and implementing innovative public policies for youth. Something really interesting is happening in a corner of Europe..

My purpose will not be to provide models to be followed, but, rather, to share ideas and what we learned from our experience. I guess it will be a good opportunity of exchange and networking.

I look forward to seeing you in Dublin!