Alison Partridge

Lab Manager

Lab "Human Capital"

I'm really looking forward to meeting all you city practitioners in Dublin in August. It is a fabulous city in which to hold this event with its own share of challenges along with some innovative solutions. One of the things I love about the city is its people and people are at the core of this human capital lab.

Hopefully you'll agree that we need more economically successful cities and more, and better, jobs for our citizens. My belief is that people with the skills which match current and future employer needs are a key part of the solution.

I invite you to participate in the Human Capital lab which will create award winning action plans in response to the Deputy Mayor of Allium's passionate call for action. It would be great to bring together people who work on economic development, employment and skills - as an integrated approach is a prerequisite of success. It's going to be an intense few days I'm sure but we are going to have lots of fun along the way.


Michael Ralph

Speaker, Opening Plenary

I am very pleased and honoured to represent the European Commission at the URBACT Summer University 2013. The URBACT programme is an important initiative which has an undoubted added value as it allows representatives of cities in different European countries to come together around a common theme and to follow this up with action at the local level.

The Summer University gives practitioners an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas. With the onset of the new programming period of European Cohesion Policy, in which URBACT will continue to fulfil its role, this year's event will be particularly valuable for taking stock of what has been achieved and for taking a fresh look at a number of common issues.

Peter Ramsden fin

Peter Ramsden

Master of Ceremony

Welcome to our second USU.

This is a chance to build the capacity to transform our cities. After five years of crisis we need to develop new approaches. Innovation is going to be our only way to develop escape velocity in order to break out. Cities can help to create a new social innovation ecosystem. I hope you find the USU gives you tools to make a start. 

Marco Ranieri

Marco Ranieri

Speaker, Master Class

Participation, Social Innovation and Youth Policies: a 2.0 Recipe

I'm very happy to take part in this summer university and to present what we are exploring in Apulia (south of Italy), designing and implementing innovative public policies for youth. Something really interesting is happening in a corner of Europe..

My purpose will not be to provide models to be followed, but, rather, to share ideas and what we learned from our experience. I guess it will be a good opportunity of exchange and networking.

I look forward to seeing you in Dublin!

Nils Scheffer fin

Nils Scheffer

Lab Manager

Lab "Mixed Use of City Centers"

Dear participant of the URBACT Summer school, welcome to the Lab “Mixed use of city centers: Ensuring quality of life and sustainable European cities”. Mixed urban areas are a model of the sustainable European city, giving the opportunity to their citizens and users to live, work, trade and socialise within a relative short distance, providing a good quality of life.

Join the lab here in Dublin to explore ways to maintain and recover the vivid mixed use of Allium's medieval city centre. Learn about new methods how to come up with a powerful local action plan, share your experience, join the URBACT Local Support Group crowd and engage in the future of our European cities.

We look forward to meeting you at our Lab!