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Ivan Tosics

Speaker, Master Class

Designing Urban Policies in an Integrated Way

Hi all!

Who would doubt that cities face in the upcoming years a growing number of challenges? And who would doubt that these challenges have to be addressed in an era of economic and financial crisis with no economic growth (at least for a while) and radically reduced public budgets (for longer period). The saying „more has to be achieved with less” became a bitter reality.

However, „do not waste the crisis”: this difficult situation can be turned into positive, leading to deep changes in urban policy making. It is the local governments who are the closest to the problems and they are also the closest to the solutions. The class will be about the very much needed integration of planning and policies. Three types of integration will be analysed: between policy areas (avoiding silos); between neighbouring municipalities (allowing for cooperation in functional urban areas); between different levels of government (allowing for multi-level governance).

I look forward to seeing you in Dublin!


Willem van Winden

Lab Manager

Lab "Promoting Entrepreneurship"

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Dublin, in August. Dublin is a great place, dynamic, and entrepreneurial: a hotspot of innovation in Europe, despite the still difficult economic situation.

Dublin’s entrepreneurial vibe can inspire us all, and I hope it will, during our lab on promoting entrepreneurship in European cities. I believe that entrepreneurship is key to create the jobs that are so badly needed, to compete globally, and ultimately, to improve quality of life of our citizens.

I invite you to take part in the lab on entrepreneurship. You will learn about tools and state-of-the–art approaches, share experiences, and you are invited to elaborate, together with colleagues fro other countries, an innovative action plan that delivers results. And besides the hard work, we are going to have lots of fun!