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URBACT Summer University 2013: meeting, learning, networking, sharing!


This year's URBACT Summer University (USU) will be more than a regular meeting, more than a debate: we will reach new levels of interactivity and knowledge sharing, both online and offline. USU2013 aims at being an occasion to connect people and cities, to foster the exchange of experiences and information, to share powerful knowledge.

The objective is to collect information, to spread the knowledge and to connect people, either those who will be present in Dublin and also everyone who will be able to follow us online, live, thanks to many social and sharing platforms.

Is it with your computer or through a mobile device, it will be easy to connect since free Wi-Fi will be provided throughout the summer university venue.


Sharing Is Caring - Fotosöndag by Niklas Wikström, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  Niklas Wikström 


We encourage you to take photos and videos, post your thoughts and comments and share it with our community so that you can:

  • Engage with your cluster peers in a fast and dynamic way;
  • Network with USU2013 participants through interesting content;
  • Get a quick overview about the main discussion trends;
  • Increase your visibility within the URBACT community.

To do so, many instruments will be available and we encourage all participants to fully exploit them!

twitter-logo-1URBACT on Twitter: @URBACT  

  • Use this hashtag#URBACT2013
  • Why join Twitter and use it during the conference?
    • Get immediate updates on USU2013 activities;
    • Share your impressions, photos and videos in an easy and fast way;
    • Overview what participants say through the #URBACT2013 hashtag;
    • Get in touch with interesting people who join the online conversation.
  • Twitter Tips for advanced users:
    • Set up a list of all the contacts you meet at the URBACT Summer University 2013 so that you can continue to follow them and connect after the event;
    • Set up and save a search using the hashtag #URBACT2013 to follow all the USU2013 conversations.
  • Twitter Tips for beginners:
    • Setting Up Twitter
    • What is Twitter? This video provides a good overview of how it works. Twitter also provides a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for new users. Charlotte-Anne Lucas has a "Twitter 101" post too, which includes great additional resources and insights.
    • If you don't yet have a Twitter account, learn how to sign up (including helpful tips for choosing a username).
    • After creating your Twitter account, we recommend that you customize your profile picture, header photo and background wallpaper. Be sure to include a description of your interests and the link to your website or blog. This helps others to determine whether you might share common learning interests when they are deciding whether to follow you. If you stick with the 'egg' as your profile picture people might mistake you for a spam account or suspect that you might not plan to be a long-term Twitter user.
    • Take a tour of your new Twitter home page and learn how to tweet, how to monitor notifications when others mention you or contact you through a Direct Message (DM) and more!
    • We highly recommend that you follow the @URBACT account for important information, announcements and interesting reads.
    • Twitter has its own language, which you can read more about here.
    • Wondering how to tweet? A basic guide is available here.
    • Always use the hashtag of the URBACT Summer University 2013 #URBACT2013 when tweeting about (discussing or sharing) articles, photos or ideas that seem relevant to URBACT Summer University 2013.

Facebook-logo-1817834 pngURBACT on Facebook

Like us on Facebook!

Already a fan? Join the conversation by:

  • Posting to our wall;
  • Uploading your photos and tagging yourself and other attendees;
  • Starting a discussion.

Follow URBACT all year at: https://www.facebook.com/URBACT

Flickr LogoURBACT on Flickr

Follow the photo stream to see all the official pictures of conferences and events.

Feel free to share all images via social media!

Instagram-logoFor the first time, URBACT on Instagram

Instagram allows you to take photos and short videos, apply digital filters and share them not only within Instagram, but also through other social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Use it during the summer university and you can:

  • Easily post your photos and short videos on your social media accounts;
  • See all photos shared by the summer university participants at a glance searching #URBACT2013

Get started:

  • Download the free Instagram app to your smartphone;
  • Choose a username (which can be the same as your Twitter username);
  • Take photos and/or short videos during the summer university and post and share them with the #URBACT2013 hashtag.

imagesURBACT on Storify

Last but not least, in order to be updated and to have full coverage of the conferences, labs, workshops and events taking place in Dublin, stay connected to Storify.

Following the success of the past conferences, this will be the tool to collect the information you find more relevant and to have a broad view on what goes on in Dublin.

Some Ideas on How to Use These Social Media Tools during the URBACT Summer University 2013

There are many ways to use these social media tools and you might soon have your preferred one.

Here are some examples:

  • If you are a speaker, let people know what you will talk about and when.
  • Find other participants and connect through Twitter and Instagram, make friends on Facebook.
  • You take a photo with your mobile:
    • Use your Instragram application and post it on Twitter and Facebook;
    • Send a Tweet and attach the photo;
    • Post it on URBACT's Facebook page.
  • You hear an interesting statement you wish to share: you can write a tweet.
  • You know a document or webpage relevant for the ongoing debate: send the link of it in a tweet.
  • You want to raise a question during or after the session: tweet it!
  • You wish to know more about one of the participants and speakers: check their LinkedIn profile.
  • You are curious to know what has been said about the URBACT Summer University: search #URBACT2013 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or find all compiled information on our Storify feed.
  • You might have identified people who participated in the online debate, so enlarge your network and connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter and/or make friends on Facebook.

After the URBACT Summer University 2013...

Stay connected by:


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