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Thanks from the URBACT Team to Everyone Involved in the Summer University 2013!

... forget to connect to the URBACT website to be updated on the news regarding the programme. You can have fresh updates by subscribing to the newsletter and following the Blog.  From the URBACT ...

Save Paper and Time: Download the USU Materials

... download the outlines for the groupworks, glossary and useful information about the labs and the complete programme of the Summer University. All documents are easily available in PDF format, readable ...

Materials to Download

(About the university)
... Materials City Case for the URBACT Summer University Download: City Case for the URBACT Summer University 2013 Complete programme of working and extra activities Download: Complete Programme ...

Welcome to the USU Early Bird Tai Chi Class!


The integrated approach is highly relevant, not only to urban development, but to development in general, and more especially to personal development! This is what we learn from ancient martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and energetic practices such as Qi Gong.

Every morning during the URBACT Summer University, we will prepare for the day, gently awakening body and mind through series of breathing and movements.

Dublin Run


Are you an URBACT runner? Well, be prepared for some Dublin fun, then! 









People at Work :8 Labs to Define the Ideal City


Urban management and everyday life in the city space are complex issues: so many are the stakeholders involved, so different the needs and expectations, so peculiar the resources available.

If you had the chance to actively contribute to improve the space you live in, how would you do it? What do you feel is the most urgent need to satisfy, for our cities to become more liveable? URBACT Summer University 2013 is the right occasion to share your ideas!

Download Programme


Download the latest programme of the URBACT Summer University 2013 [PDF - 3,1 Mo]
Last update - 22nd August, 2013

Special Events

... at these events. The following special events are included in the URBACT Summer University 2013 programme: Study visits; Exhibition of URBACT programme and projects; Exposition "Draw Your Ideal ...

3 Reasons Not to Miss URBACT Summer University 2013…

... country; it is a modern centre of education, arts, administration and industry. Evolving and dynamic, Dublin is ranked among the 30 top cities in the world. A lively, stimulating programme of the URBACT ...

Tai Chi Sessions

(Special events)
... diving into the USU programme, take some time to enjoy the Tai Chi and QI Gong sessions held in the Campus green. Sessions will be coordinated by Mathias Golshani. From 7.45 to 8.30, join the other passionates ...

A Summer University in a Place Full of History: Dublin Trinity College and its Four-hundred-year-old Tradition of Scholarship!


The main venue of the conference will be the Trinity College in the heart of Dublin City centre. Most of the URBACT Summer University programme activities (URBACT Talks, LABs, LSG@work, exhibition, coffee breaks and lunches) will take place in Ireland's oldest university.

4 PARALLEL MASTER CLASSES - Expert Insights on Urban Challenges

(28 august 2013)
... (a regional programme of youth policies, with a strong multi-sectoral approach, promoted since 2006 by the Apulia Region - south of Italy), the class will focus on the participative practices of community-led ...

About the university

(About the university)
... peers across Europe. The core of the programme of the URBACT Summer University focuses on equipping participants with the key skills needed to deliver successful integrated urban policies, building on ...

Welcome to the URBACT Summer University 2013 Website!

... networking.   ::/introtext:: ::fulltext:: From the programme and policy areas, to the team of our "trainers", to your stay and trip to Dublin, this website will help you all along the way to the ...

URBACT Summer University 2013: A Unique Experience!

... decision-makers, to develop their skills and to collaborate with peers across Europe. We are very excited about this year’s programme. The core of this will focus on equipping participants with the key ...

Social and Recreational Programme

(Special events)

Coming Soon 

Study Visits to Sites in Dublin

(Special events)
... Bike Share Programme, Gender Split, Modal Share For Bicycles, Perception of Safety, Politics, Social Acceptance, Urban Planning & Traffic Calming. As expected European cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen ...

Plenary Sessions

(Learning Activities)

In the official agenda of the URBACT Summer University 2013 (USU2013), there are included a few number of plenary sessions, as the programme in this year is focused on interactive learning activities.