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#URBACT2013: Follow the Hashtag, Join the Network!


URBACT Summer University: the centre of a wide network. This is the idea we pursue through our social media campaign, supporting the activities of the URBACT Summer University 2013.

Be part of the experience, follow us and contribute to extend the network! 

Materials to Download

(About the university)
...  "How Cities Can Make the Most of Social Media" Marco Ranieri "Participation, Social Innovation and Youth Policies: A 2.0 Recipe" Ivan Tosics "Designing Urban Policies in an Integrated Way" URBACT ...

Learn, Question, Discuss and Share: Four Masterclasses to Explore Urban Management

...  Catalin Berescu will guide participants through stories and dynamic of integration, social inclusion of people in the city life, with particular attention to the Roma population case. Discussion will ...

4 PARALLEL MASTER CLASSES - Expert Insights on Urban Challenges

(28 august 2013)
... victims anymore. From the social housing inferno of the communist era to the massive growth of ethnic slums – either as fragile developments around East European cities or as informal camps in the West ...

Mixed use of city centers

... urban areas offer a variety of different functions and corresponding land uses, giving the opportunity to their citizens and users to live, work, trade and socialise within a relative short distance. Such ...

Shared Public Spaces

... While cars have aggressively demanded more and more space, they have also simultaneously reduced walk in the city – one of the most important primers for social activities. Luckily, more and more cities ...

21st Century Public Services

... relationship with other players and stimulating social innovation. But how can cities do this? Our lab will focus on these issues at the URBACT Summer University and key questions include: How can ...

Low carbon transition


How can we mobilise stakeholders to engage into low energy consumption, while reducing social and environmental injustice?

Social and Recreational Programme

(Special events)

Coming Soon 

Study Visits to Sites in Dublin

(Special events)
... Bar Framework Plan and the Dubline.   by  infomatique  Dublin Bike to Work Scheme Sustainable transportation, social entrepreneurship and the future of waste. Through this ...

Master Classes

(Learning Activities)
... put us to shame and it shouldn't be allowed to blame it on the victims anymore. From the social housing inferno of the communist era to the massive growth of ethnic slums – either as fragile developments ...

Learn from Masters

(Three Reasons not to Miss USU2013)
...  Four masterclasses will take place at USU Catalin Berescu on the integration of the Roma communities in Europe Linda Cheung on the role of social media in improving city life Marco Ranieri Ivan ...


(Plan your trip)

URBACT Summer University will settle down at Trinity College Dublin, the oldest university of Ireland. Trinity College is located in the very centre of Dublin, College Green Dublin 2.  

Connect and Follow Live

... and also everyone who will be able to follow us online, live, thanks to many social and sharing platforms. Is it with your computer or through a mobile device, it will be easy to connect since free Wi-Fi ...

USU2013 Live Stream

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