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Thanks from the URBACT Team to Everyone Involved in the Summer University 2013!

... urbani" (@URBACT_IT) "Going to conferences is exhausting but totally worth it! Reflecting on #urbact2013 today-what I learned, who I met and future collaborations:)" (@jennacondie) Great success for ...

Materials to Download

(About the university)
...  "How Cities Can Make the Most of Social Media" Marco Ranieri "Participation, Social Innovation and Youth Policies: A 2.0 Recipe" Ivan Tosics "Designing Urban Policies in an Integrated Way" URBACT ...

Welcome to the USU Early Bird Tai Chi Class!


The integrated approach is highly relevant, not only to urban development, but to development in general, and more especially to personal development! This is what we learn from ancient martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and energetic practices such as Qi Gong.

Every morning during the URBACT Summer University, we will prepare for the day, gently awakening body and mind through series of breathing and movements.

Dublin Run

... recently blogged about the joys of urban running: It’s not only a great way to see a city – but an antidote to those long days indoors which most of us have to put up with in our work!   by  OliBac  ...

People at Work :8 Labs to Define the Ideal City


Urban management and everyday life in the city space are complex issues: so many are the stakeholders involved, so different the needs and expectations, so peculiar the resources available.

If you had the chance to actively contribute to improve the space you live in, how would you do it? What do you feel is the most urgent need to satisfy, for our cities to become more liveable? URBACT Summer University 2013 is the right occasion to share your ideas!

Learn, Question, Discuss and Share: Four Masterclasses to Explore Urban Management


Do not take anything for granted, as urban management is a dynamic field and it requires constant work, motivation, and innovative intervention. 






Successful Urban Improvements of Dublin: City's Participation to URBACT Projects


As the URBACT Summer University 2013 is approaching, explore urban policies of Dublin and the successful involvement of the city in numerous URBACT projects. 


3 Reasons Not to Miss URBACT Summer University 2013…

... insights, innovative case studies and personal experiences will be presented and shared. Urban issues will be tackled from new perspectives and you will benefit from fresh presentations and the narration ...

Closing Remarks

(28 august 2013)
... the URBAN Intergroup::/art_title|0|session_events:: ::event_description|0|session_events::::/event_description|0|session_events:: ::event_room|0|session_events::::/event_room|0|session_events:: ::art_catid|0|session_events::::/art_catid|0|session_events:: ...

4 PARALLEL MASTER CLASSES - Expert Insights on Urban Challenges

(28 august 2013)
... ::cck_session_events::event::/cck_session_events:: ::art_title|3|session_events::Designing Urban Policies in an Integrated Way by Ivan TOSICS, URBACT Thematic Pole Manager, Hungary::/art_title|3|session_events:: ...

Learning Activities

(Learning Activities)
... Fryer  Plenary Sessions; URBACT Talks - inspirational urban stories from around Europe; URBACT Labs - interactive learning sessions on methods and tools for smart city management; ULSG@work ...

About the university

(About the university)
... integrated action-planning in urban policies.  ::/introtext:: ::fulltext::   by  Anne Davis  It is a very special learning and networking experience dedicated to the URBACT ...

Welcome to the URBACT Summer University 2013 Website!

... with urban practitioners, policy-makers, representatives of NGOs, civil society and the private sector from across the EU, we will experience a combination of training, learning practical exercises and ...

URBACT Summer University 2013: A Unique Experience!

... is a very special learning and networking experience dedicated to the URBACT partners of all ongoing networks. This 43-day summer school aims to provide a unique opportunity for urban practitioners, policy-makers, ...

Opening Plenary

(28 august 2013)
... ::cck_session_events::event::/cck_session_events:: ::art_title|1|session_events::Michael RALPH, Adviser to the Director General, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission (TBC)::/art_title|1|session_events:: ...

Mixed use of city centers

... urban areas offer a variety of different functions and corresponding land uses, giving the opportunity to their citizens and users to live, work, trade and socialise within a relative short distance. Such ...

Shared Public Spaces

... in public life of as many people as possible. Unfortunately, though, urban sprawl and the dramatic proliferation of motorized traffic in the late 20th century slowly started to kill good public spaces. ...

Promoting entrepreneurship

... Winden Many European cities are facing high and rising unemployment rates, and a stalling urban economy. The promotion of new business creation is generally seen as one of the answers. But how to do ...

Open Innovation for sustainable cities

... successful cities are those that have learnt how to benefit from this urban proximity and connectivity to help networks to form, to increase the flow of innovative ideas for economic development, and to ...

Low carbon transition

...  Lab Manager: Laura Colini Since the late 20th century, the notion of sustainability has become common knowledge in any urban-related debate and beyond. Despite that the transition toward an environmental, ...