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Summer University 2013: Materials are Online

09 Sep 2013

Were you inspired by the talks and masterclasses during the URBACT Summer University? Or did you miss something and want to catch up? Are you curious to know more about the topics of the masterclasses you couldn’t follow?

Now you have the chance to collect everything and you won’t miss a detail!

Thanks from the URBACT Team to Everyone Involved in the Summer University 2013!

04 Sep 2013

The 2013 Summer University in Dublin was a great experience, a successful working week as well as a good occasion for networking and sharing good time.

The success of the events depends on the cooperation, involvement and enthusiasm of all participants and the URBACT team wishes to thank everyone!

#URBACT2013: Follow the Hashtag, Join the Network!

23 Aug 2013

URBACT Summer University: the centre of a wide network. This is the idea we pursue through our social media campaign, supporting the activities of the URBACT Summer University 2013.

Be part of the experience, follow us and contribute to extend the network! 

Save Paper and Time: Download the USU Materials

23 Aug 2013

URBACT Summer University aims at being a smart event, in terms of usability and environmental impact. Therefore, many of the materials needed by participants, during the different labs and activities are now available online.



Welcome to the USU Early Bird Tai Chi Class!

20 Aug 2013

The integrated approach is highly relevant, not only to urban development, but to development in general, and more especially to personal development! This is what we learn from ancient martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and energetic practices such as Qi Gong.

Every morning during the URBACT Summer University, we will prepare for the day, gently awakening body and mind through series of breathing and movements.

Dublin Run

13 Aug 2013

Are you an URBACT runner? Well, be prepared for some Dublin fun, then! 









People at Work :8 Labs to Define the Ideal City

06 Aug 2013

Urban management and everyday life in the city space are complex issues: so many are the stakeholders involved, so different the needs and expectations, so peculiar the resources available.

If you had the chance to actively contribute to improve the space you live in, how would you do it? What do you feel is the most urgent need to satisfy, for our cities to become more liveable? URBACT Summer University 2013 is the right occasion to share your ideas!

Learn, Question, Discuss and Share: Four Masterclasses to Explore Urban Management

31 Jul 2013

Do not take anything for granted, as urban management is a dynamic field and it requires constant work, motivation, and innovative intervention. 






Successful Urban Improvements of Dublin: City's Participation to URBACT Projects

22 Jul 2013

As the URBACT Summer University 2013 is approaching, explore urban policies of Dublin and the successful involvement of the city in numerous URBACT projects. 


3 Reasons Not to Miss URBACT Summer University 2013…

19 Jul 2013

URBACT Summer University is a great experience offering a range of stimulating activities.

3 reasons not to miss this event? Learn from masters; meet like-minded people; and explore a new exciting city!