A Summer University in a Place Full of History: Dublin Trinity College and its Four-hundred-year-old Tradition of Scholarship!

The main venue of the conference will be the Trinity College in the heart of Dublin City centre. Most of the URBACT Summer University programme activities (URBACT Talks, LABs, LSG@work, exhibition, coffee breaks and lunches) will take place in Ireland's oldest university.

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Founded in 1592 as the "mother" of a new university, it is Ireland's oldest university. It was originally established outside the city walls, but it is nowadays surrounded by the city buildings. The college grounds - located on College Green, opposite the former Irish Houses of Parliament - account for 200,000m2, including diverse works of ancient and modern architecture.

The western part is the oldest, here one can admire the iconic campanile, as well as the Chapel and the Exhamination Hall designed by Sir William Chambers. In this section of the College, there are also the Douglas Hyde Gallery and the Beckett Theatre, which, in addition to academic purposes, also hosts international events and performances.

The Eastern, more modern side, instead is mostly occupied by scientific buildings.

The beauty of its architecture and surrounding landscape has allowed the Trinity College to be ranked as the 6th most beautiful college in the world.

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Inescapable among the College buildings, the Library of Trinity College is surely a must see. It is a legal deposit for Ireland and UK and contains over 4.5 million printed volumes and a collection of ancient manuscripts, music and maps.

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Trinity College has a vibrant student life: it hosts 124 students societies and 50 sports clubs. 

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While you walk across the College spaces, you may want to adopt a student custom: the more superstitious never walk underneath the Campanile, as the tradition suggests that should the bell ring while they pass, they will fail their examinations!

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