3 Reasons Not to Miss URBACT Summer University 2013…

URBACT Summer University is a great experience offering a range of stimulating activities.

3 reasons not to miss this event? Learn from masters; meet like-minded people; and explore a new exciting city!

Learn from masters

URBACT Summer University will offer you the chance to attend talks and masterclasses held by inspiring masters.

Brilliant insights, innovative case studies and personal experiences will be presented and shared. Urban issues will be tackled from new perspectives and you will benefit from fresh presentations and the narration of successful fascinating stories.

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Meet like minded people

Numerous are the benefits of attending events as the URBACT Summer University 2013. Certainly networking is a crucial part of the experience. During the USU you will be engaged in URBACT Labs, ULSG@work and cooperation activities with other people, you will experience different perspectives on urban issues, you will benefit from unexpected insights, and get to know relevant cases.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with people who share your passions and objectives.

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Explore a new exciting city

Capital city of Ireland, Dublin, is a magnetic, exciting city to visit. Historical and contemporary cultural centre for the country; it is a modern centre of education, arts, administration and industry. Evolving and dynamic, Dublin is ranked among the 30 top cities in the world.

A lively, stimulating programme of the URBACT Summer University activities, Dublin and its many attractions will enhance your USU experience and make it unique!

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