Successful Urban Improvements of Dublin: City's Participation to URBACT Projects

As the URBACT Summer University 2013 is approaching, explore urban policies of Dublin and the successful involvement of the city in numerous URBACT projects. 


The city of Dublin has been actively involved in URBACT activities and projects and has benefited from this participation in several ways. One more reason for the Irish capital to be the perfect venue for the URBACT Summer University 2013.

Dublin - Grand Canal Dock by boldorak2208, on Flickr
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Many were the achievements of the Dublin city administration thanks to the cooperation inside the URBACT frawework:

Cooperation between the municipality and the port administration,which kead to a more efficient management of spaces and ship fluxes (Dublin currently welcomes more than 100,000 toursits approaching the city by ship!)

Integration among residents and immigrants. The population changes because of new migratory fluxes: while various immigrants arrive to Dublin from Europe and Asia, many young Dubliners leave the country seeking for job opportunities abroad. Necessity to integrate the changing population strongly emerges and Dublin, cooperating with URBACT, implemented good practices.

City spaces administration was tackled by several projects. Empty spaces, from rooms to open fields, were classified and re-allocated. Similarly, policies were designed to renew and change whole city areas. Crucial example is the successful transformation of the city Docks, which went from decay to being an attractive hub of innovative companies and start-ups, boosting the city economy. The narration of Dublin urban policies and renewal is profoundly linked to URBACT projects and practices, therefore the city certainly represents the appropriate scenario for the summer university activities.

Read more about Dublin urban management and successes in our special report and while you are in town for the USU, don’t miss the chance to explore and witness personally the effective improvements the city has known.

Dublin Docks by lakesly, on Flickr
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