Learn, Question, Discuss and Share: Four Masterclasses to Explore Urban Management

Do not take anything for granted, as urban management is a dynamic field and it requires constant work, motivation, and innovative intervention. 







Certainly, great benefit comes from interaction, the exchange of opinions and ideas, the confrontation on the most challenging issues. Thus, to explore the complexity of the urban managers’ tasks, the brilliant speakers of our master classes will share with participants their know-how and diverse stories.


Multisciplinary, involving, passionate trainers have joined the URBACT team and will contribute to the event by sharing inspiring stories, innovative visions and different perspectives on the contemporary urban challenges.

Catalin Berescu will guide participants through stories and dynamic of integration, social inclusion of people in the city life, with particular attention to the Roma population case. Discussion will be vivid and welcome, since Berescu admidts “I am a bit closer to being a specialist but I still struggle to keep the fresh perspective".

Linda Cheung will explore the possibilities of social media tools in city management. Can social media really and positively affect everyday lives? Well, as she says: “Social media is all about joining the dots, to find and engage with contacts and conversations of relevance” Can you imagine the infinite declinations of such powerful dynamics? This masterclass will add something to the URBACT concept of “connecting citues, building successes”.

Marco Ranieri will illustrate the powerful role of young people in trying to overcome the current crisis. Participants to his masterclass will discuss with him the benefits of investing on young talents, endorsing creativity and entrepreneurship, fostering connections and networking. To achieve successful urban management, including all stakeholders, rules , as well as roles, can be redefined.

Ivan Tosics is giving new meanings to the abused saying “less is more”. Given the critical conditions of many European economies, at local and general level, Tosics will explore the possibilities of integrating policies to approach and solve issues. He has many stories to present, tales of failure and success which will be discussed with participants, in order to discover whether there are some good opportunities to capture , to improve city lives even in this critical period.

”Question everything generally thought t by Schill, on Flickr
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URBACT Summer University master classes will provide participants with fresh ideas and insights. The aim is not to teach; rather to share ideas and good practices, to spread knowledge and to generate debate. Active participation is suggested, stimulating discussion is the only thing we take for granted!

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